Violins and Photography

Welcome to my first blog post. Yayyyyyy! Big shout out to Marie Gadda for getting my website on the internets. Love you boo.

The last few months I have become infatuated with cameras, and it has been a blast. Shooting instruments is not easy and I have learned a lot while trying to get the best picture. There are a lot of things to learn when taking photos of instruments. My coworker and home-boi, Ryan Hayes has shared a lot of information about cameras and photography with me. That guy is an encyclopedia on the subject.

The camera I chose to buy was the Nikon D5600. I chose this camera because we shoot shoot Nikon cameras at the shop and the lenses are very compatible between cameras. I think any Nikon lens will fit on any Nikon mount made after 1960, or at least that is what the guy at the camera shop told me to seal the deal. Any who, I bought the camera as an impulse buy and it was worth it. I’ve been taking many photos; more than just violins.

After having the D5600 for a few months and just scratching the surface of all its possibilities, I bought my first lens. A Sigma 105mm 2.8 macro. It makes small things look big with a lot of detail. Recently I bought a fixed 50 mm 1.8 vintage Nikon lens, I have been shooting with that and having a blast. I feel the old Nikon glass has a really sharp look.

I have also gone to the dark side: film. Using an old Pentax Super Program and a couple rolls of film, I have been experimenting and training my eyes to shoot while trying to correctly meter the shot. It has been fun. I just ordered an Olympus RC35 rangefinder and I am stoked to shoot some more film!

Here are some highlights from my recent photo obsession (violins and not). And yes, I also shot the pictures in the gallery section of the website.

Andrea Guaneri Scroll. NikonD5600/Nikkor 105 mm micro.
THE BEST CAT!!! CHECKERS!!! Pentax Super Program/ Delta 400.
Ponies on Mt. Rogers in Virginia. Pentax Super Program/ Delta 400.
Bridge in Wichita, KS. Kodak Signet 35/ HP5 400.
Violin bridge. Pentax Super Program/ Delta 400.